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HitKeeper offers you to take part in creativity contests
You can evaluate the works of the contestants, add new works
and even organize contests
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1. Contest creation
1. A contest can be announced by any registered user of HitKeeper network.
2. In order to file an application for holding a contest, a user shall complete a form on the «Create a contest» page.
3. Applications may be considered by moderators within three days. The moderator’s decision is brought to knowledge of the contest organizer in a private message or via e-mail, specified in the process of registration.
2. Requirements to contest organizers
1. A contest shall be devoted to different types of art and creative work, declared in HitKeeper network (music, vocal, text, video, photographs and design).
2. Contest duration shall not exceed sixty days. The period for submission of works shall not exceed thirty days. Submission of works shall be terminated ten days before the end of the contest at the latest. The voting period shall not exceed thirty days.
3. The contest organizer establishes a prize fund (detailed information is provided in clause 5 Prizes for the winners).
4. All contests shall be completed with the awarding ceremony. The number of the winners can range from 1 to 3, which is indicated in column «Prizes for the winners» at the time of filing an application.
5. The Organizer shall accept the rules of holding a contest in HitKeeper network.
3. Filing an application for participation in a contest
An application for holding a contest shall be submitted on the «Create a contest» page.
The organizer shall fill in all the fields of the form in accordance with their description.
1. Contest name.
The name shall reflect the essence of the contest.
2. Contest description.
A detailed description of the contest idea can be provided here with an indication of the objectives, set before the participants, and relevant recommendations.
3. Prizes for the winners.
It is necessary to indicate the number of the contest winners and the prizes which will be presented to them upon announcement of the contest results.
4. Jury.
In case the works taking part in the contest are evaluated by the members of the jury, it is necessary to make their list. For this purpose, one shall press the «Add a jury member» button and select the necessary candidates in the new opened window.
In the «Notes» filed one can specify the desired jury composition (details are provided in clause 6 «Contest jury»).
5. Categories.
Specify the «Category» in which the contest will be held. The contest can fall within the following categories: music, vocal, text, video, photographs or design.
6. Work submission starting date.
7. Work submission completion date.
8. Contest results publication date.
9. Voting.
The organizer can elect to take voting of the users of HitKeeper network, in which case the procedure is limited with evaluation of the works by the jury members.
Voting within the framework of the contest can be open or closed. In case of open voting - users of HitKeeper network will see the voting results during the whole contest period. In case of closed voting - users of HitKeeper network see the voting results only after completion of the voting procedure.
10. Voting starting date.
11. Voting completion date.
12. Voting with the involvement of guests.
The organizer can make voting accessible not only to the users of HitKeeper network, but also to unauthorized guests of the website.
13. I accept the rules of holding a contest.
The organizer shall carefully study the rules of holding the contest and accept them.
4. Participation in the contest
1. Any registered user of HitKeeper network can take part in the contest.
2. A user can present at the contest no more than three various works. A user can present one and the same work at several contests.
3. In order to enter the contest, one has to press the “Add work” button on the contest page. In the popup window one can select a contest and the work. While adding a work to the contest a user agrees with the rules of holding contests.
4. A user can withdraw from the contest before the voting process is initiated. Withdrawal in the course of voting is not allowed.
5. In order to withdraw from the contest, it is necessary to send a message to moderators of HitKeeper network on «Connect with HitKeeper» page. The message shall contain a request with an indication of the contest number and the work which shall be withdrawn.
5. Prizes for the winners
The contest organizer shall establish a prize fund.
The prize for winning the contest cannot be virtual. The prize shall be money or its equivalent (the equivalence of the offered prizes is evaluated by the moderator). Participation in the television show or in a festival, a package tour, a music instrument, an electronic device, etc. can be awarded by way of a prize.
A prize for winning the first place shall be at least 30,000 rubles, the second place - at least 20,000 and for the third place - 10,000 rubles. Hence, the general bonus fund shall be at least 60,000 rubles.
The organizer of the approved by the moderator contest shall prior to the contest credit a prize fund to a special account of HitKeeper network. And also a 15% fee in access of the amount.
Nonmonetary rewards shall be transferred by the HitKeeper network’s moderator prior to the contest. A 15% fee shall be transferred by the contest organizer to a special account of HitKeeper network.
The contest is cancelled in case it didn’t catch the interest of the users and fewer than 10 users responded to it within 10 days upon its start. Information about contest cancellation shall be posted on the «Description» page of the contest. The prize fund is returned to the contest organizer (except a 15% fee).
The moderator of HitKeeper network is entitled to turn down an application for holding a contest without disclosing any reasons. The money, transferred to the special account of HitKeeper prior to agreeing the terms and conditions of the contest, is not refunded.
6. Jury of the contest
1. The jury is formed by the contest organizer. The jury can be composed of the users of HitKeeper network, having «A jury member» status. Members of the jury, evaluating current contests, are marked with a sign A jury member, potential contests - A jury member. The organizer can choose any of them.
2. The organizer can include into the jury users of HitKeeper network without a status «A jury member». For this purpose, at the time of filing an application it is necessary to specify the request in the «Notes» field as well as indicate the links to the pages of the users, who shall be included into the jury. The moderator will assign a status of a «Jury Member» to the enumerated users and will enroll them on the list of the jury of this contest.
3. In case the organizer wants to include into the jury a person not being a participant of HitKeeper network, first of all it has to register such a person in the system and then follow the provisions of the previous clause (c.2).
7. Voting
1. Participants of HitKeeper network can vote for the works of contests with the initiated voting. They evaluate the works and vote by clicking the button Voting.
2. The designations which reflect the total number of votes broken down by the categories of users:
Guests - the total number of the votes of the HitKeeper network’s guests.
Users - the total number of the votes of the HitKeeper network’s users.
Experts - the total number of the votes of moderators, experts and jury members of HitKeeper network.
Contest jury - the total number of the votes of the jury members.
Voting or Voting - the total number of the votes cast by guests and users of HitKeeper network.
3. Users of HitKeeper network can look through the lists of the voters by clicking Users, Experts and Contest Jury buttons. A popup window with a list of the users who have already voted and the voting date will open (in the jury window points will be additionally displayed).
4. In the contests, where jury voting has been initiated, the jury members give marks. The jury members are in charge of evaluating the works by giving marks from one to ten. The marks are indicated in the work’s popup window.
8. Summarizing of results
1. The contest results are summarized upon termination of the voting period.
2. If the contest was based on the jury voting, the works with the biggest total score as a result of jury voting become the winners.
3. In case the jury voting wasn’t conducted within the framework of the contest, the winners are determined on the basis of the votes of the HitKeeper network’s users. The works with the biggest total score win the contest.
Disputable situations, not covered by these rules, can be settled by the moderators of HitKeeper network at their own discretion or in coordination with the contest organizer.
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